Dress Like a Book Character Day – A Change in Plans


Earlier this month I wrote about ML’s plans for her school’s Dress Like a Book Character Day

“ML knows who she wants to be; and even has the costume idea.  Thankfully, we can create it with items we have at home… pink clothes, pink chenille stick, pink felt and a headband.  Any guesses?”

Today is the big day.  Last night, I asked ML to collect the supplies needed for her costume.  Then asked, “Do you need me to wash some pink clothes?” She yelled, “I don’t need pink clothes anymore.  I’m not going to be Mercy Watson.  Where’s the felt? Where are my reading glasses?”

ML created her costume using  green pants, a green shirt, red felt, tacky glue and glasses.  Any guesses on who her character is?  Hint:  I blogged about this character last week.

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