“Guess what Ms. Baker’s giving me for my birthday?”


That’s what ML asked me last Friday.  My guesses were wrong.  In a lilting voice she said, “A test.”  I was surprised at her excitement.  Ms. Baker is ML’s math teacher.  A few weeks ago, ML was weepy and anxious after her first math test.  I fully expected bemoaning with the next one.  Then, I remembered they are studying geometry.  My little artist loves shapes.  These past few weeks she’s enjoyed identifying rhombuses, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, calculating the perimeter and creating shape people.

From time to time, I read as many books by an author or illustrator as I can get my hands on. Marla Frazee’s new book, The Farmer and The Clown arrived for me Saturday.  A delightful reminder to explore more of her work.  I read all the books on the shelf.  Then, requested the rest.  I highlighted her book Boot and Shoe on my dad’s 70th birthday.

I realized Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee is the perfect book to highlight on ML’s birthday.  It’s about many of the things ML loves… shapes, imaginative play, the night sky, dressing up, strawberries, pumpkins, fairies, snowflakes, dandelions and fireworks.

I highlighted her book Boot and Shoe on my dad’s 70th birthday.  My brother’s birthday is the next one in the family.  Wonder what Marla Frazee book I’ll highlight then?  Hint… as a young child, he insisted his name was Farmer Brown.


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