A Young Adult Novel – Jackaby by William Ritter


My biggest professional weakness as a Youth Services Librarian is I don’t read enough books written for Young Adults.  (Also known as books for teens.)  I read all the book jackets, but very few tempt me for my limited personal recreational reading time.  Until this week.  Jackaby by William Ritter enraptured me.  I read it in two nights.

A fast-paced mystery with evidence of the supernatural and hilarious text.  Seems a little strange to call a book about a serial killer funny.  Trust me.  I’ll be surprised if you don’t laugh at several of the quotes in the book.  For example, “I excused myself to see a duck about a dress.”

I demand another book about Jackaby and his assistant Abigail Rook.  If it happens, I’ll let you know.

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