Dress Like A Book Character Day

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October is here.  For ML’s school, it means spirit week.  On October 15th, students are encouraged to dress like their favorite book character.  ML knows who she wants to be; and even has the costume idea.  Thankfully, we can create it with items we have at home… pink clothes, pink chenille stick, pink felt and a headband.  Any guesses?

Other schools ask students to dress like a book character on Halloween.  Based on prior experience, I’m prepared for the parents who will visit the library in desperation on October 30th seeking a book to complement their child’s costume.

My Halloween treat for you.  A heads up and free recommendations to make October 31st a stress-free, candy-filled day. I’m taking requests.

Or keep Robot Zombie Frankentsein! by Annette Simon on hand.  It’s a perfect choice for a multitude of costumes… a robot, zombie, Frankenstein, pirate, superhero, outer space invader or chef.


Robot Zombie Frankenstein

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