ML said, “I want to say goodbye to Donna Washington!”

Little Shiver

Yesterday, ML attended the 32nd Annual Storytelling Festival, a joint effort between the Wake County Public Library and Wake County Parks and Recreation Department, at a beautiful venue called Historic Oakview Park.

While I worked, ML’s babysitter carted her to a birthday party.  Then, brought her to the festival.  They arrived just in time for my break and to hear my favorite storyteller in the world perform… Donna Washington.

We ran into friends at the event.  They loved Donna Washington too.  I explained one of my goals for ML’s elementary career is Donna Washington performing at her school.  My friend’s on board.  Her daughter is in 4th grade.  We’ve got to get on the stick for this to happen before Amelia moves on to middle school.

And I have to get on the stick to learn the scary story, “Red, Red Lips.” I promised ML I would tell a scary story at her upcoming birthday party.  Watch Donna Washington’s version at Bookhive.  ML viewed it, gave the story a thumbs up, and asked to hear it again and again.

My version will be different.  In honor of ML’s eighth birthday, I’ll tell it in first person.  The main character?  An eight-year-old me.

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