Louise Loves Art

Louise Loves Art

This summer, I learned a book called Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light would be published in the fall.  I’ve eagerly awaited it’s arrival.  Why?  ML said it best last night, “Hey that book’s about me.”  The L in ML stands for Louise; and ML loves art.

ML loved the book and compared it to her life several times.  “Louise has brown hair.  So do I.  Louise wears stripes.  So do I.”  I pointed out, “You don’t have red glasses.”  ML said, “Yes, I do.”  Then, ran to her room and brought back a pair of red rimmed sunglasses.  Halfway through the book, ML exclaimed,”Oh no.  I’m going to cry.  Louise’s brother ruined her artwork.  My brother destroys mine too.”

There’s more to this story than a girl who loves art and her annoying little brother.  I’m betting you’ll understand why Louise Loves Art is the perfect title for this book quicker than I.  It hit me hours later… right before I drifted off to sleep.  I feel a little silly it took so long.  My excuse… I was pouring over the illustations created by “many black Prismacolor pencils and Photoshop.”

Louise Loves Art is a masterpiece.  Looking forward to the next Louise book set for publication in 2015.

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