Will “Get the Scoop on Animal Poop!” Win the North Carolina Junior Book Award?

Scoop on Animal Poop

Recently, I set a goal to read all the nominees for the North Carolina Children’s Book Award… both the Picture Book and Junior Book Award.  I’ve read all the nominees for the Picture Book Award; and I’m not able to predict which book I think will win this category.

However, I just finished Get the Scoop on Animal Poop by Dawn Cusick.  Even without reading the other choices, I think it will win by a long shot.  The cover actually shows a longer title… Get the Scoop on Animal Poop!  From Lions to Tapeworms: 251 Cool Facts about Scat, Frass, Dung and More! along with the backside of a cow who has just pooped and gotten it’s legs.  I’m sure you are thinking gross.  However, ML and I can attest to the scientific accuracy of this photo.  We’ve seen this multiple times watching the cows on her grandfather’s farm.

Reading my comments above, some may consider this book distasteful, vulgar and objectionable. It’s not.  It’s a well written scientific account, where color photographs abound, about a subject children relish.  Although, I don’t suggest reading it right after eating.

A couple of quotes:

“Jellyfish have incomplete digestive systems, which means their waste comes out of the same place their food goes in.” p. 14

“To trick their prey, predators such as wolves, jackals and lions roll in the dung of a plant-eater before they go hunting.” p. 19

“The amount of splatter a bird’s feces creates is a matter of simple physics.” p. 29

“To mark their territories, hippos spin their tails around and around, when they poop, spraying their feces in all directions!” p.58

The most important thing I learned, I am probably not allergic to dust mites and cockroaches per se.  It appears their frass is the true reason I give myself allergy shots and have special covers for my mattress.  Next time I see a cockroach, I won’t scream unless I see it’s frass.

I must add this book to my previous Poop, Scat, Do-Do post.  Probably need to do a post on vomit.  Dawn Cusick just released a book called Get the Scoop on Animal Puke this week.

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