Nancy Knows by Cybele Young

Nancy Knows

ML and I savored Nancy Knows by Cybele Young.  A story about an elephant named Nancy whose trying to remember something important; but her mind is flighty.  It wanders all over the place… thinking of clothes, things from long ago, places to go and so much more.

The illustrations are amazing!  A sketch of Nancy is drawn on each page using graphite pencil.  Inside the outline, tiny sculptures made with Japanese papers abound.  Not just one or two tiny sculptures per page.  Numerous intricate sculptures.  I’m guessing over five hundred different ones throughout the book.

Our favorites include… the tricycle, the high heeled shoes, the hammock, the hot air balloons, the pacifier, the old fashioned camera, the guitar, the apples, the whisk, the snowflakes, the basketball hoop, the scooter and more.

Finally, Nancy remembers the important thing she’s forgotten.  She thinks of trees, a tire swing, balls, a bucket, a shovel.  Can you guess where she is supposed to be?


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