How We Spent Our Labor Day Weekend


Last week, I featured How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mark Teague. Today, I share How We Spent Our Labor Day Weekend.

We had a Lice-A-Palooza. A term I learned from David Shannon’s book Bugs In My Hair! I’ve already shared a post on the book. You can read about my first lice experience as a mom here.  I held a minor role. My friend diagnosed, called someone to treat ML, bagged up stuffed animals, and washed multitudes of loads of laundry.

I learned a lot this weekend.

Perspective: Even in my annoyance, I’m thankful and thinking of the mother and grandmother of the young man I featured in the post In Memory of a Courageous Athlete. They who would give anything to be combing lice out of Keaton’s hair.

No Shame Here: While in the shower rinsing out the olive oil with Dawn, ML was singing a new version of some pop song “You can tell everybody.  You can tell everybody.  I have lice.  I have lice.  I have Liiiiiiice!” Confused about the olive oil and Dawn? Part of a natural treatment my friend shared.

Mother/Daughter Bonding: Even at the craziest times, it can happen. Last night, we rubbed Cetaphil all over our scalps and hair. Then, put on shower caps and went to sleep. ML wouldn’t let me take a picture; but I’m pretty certain we’ll remember it for a long time.

I Have Supercool Friends: Lice discovered Saturday morning. Of course we had a friend sleepover with ML Friday night. I called the mom to let her know I thought ML had lice. I wasn’t sure. We decided the damage was done and she let her daughter stay the rest of the morning. Her husband is a very talented lice spotter. When he picked Louise up he confirmed my suspicion. I said, “You should start a lice discovery business.” ML informed me, “Louise’s dad already had a job.” But the next time, ML is scratching her head, we’re showing up at their house with $5 and chopsticks.

Facebook Keeps You Sane: At least in this instance, when you can’t leave the house because your washing machine and dryer are going nonstop. The advice and support I received was immeasurable.

1 thought on “How We Spent Our Labor Day Weekend

  1. You are so right about the memories. My “lousy” child is now nearly 24 and I remember sitting with his head between my knees and a good, strong lamp trained on his scalp, pinching out nits and sticking them to the packing tape wrapped-sticky side out-around my wrist! Talk about mother-son bonding…

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