Sleepover With Beatrice & Bear


Sleepover with Beatrice & Bear by Monica Carnesi arrived a day late. ML and her friend Anna had an impromptu sleepover last night. Sunday we made plans for Anna to come for dinner. Monday, Anna’s mom learned the ankle she thought she sprained was actually broken. The doctor put her in a cast and said, “No driving for six to eight weeks.” As a working, single mom, it’s not what she needs. Luckily, her mom lives in town and she has a great group of friends ready to help out any way we can.

Last night near the end of the playdate, the bottom fell out of the sky. The girls exclaimed, “We’re too scared to go outside. Can we have a sleepover? Please?” Normally, I don’t do impromptu sleepovers; but it didn’t take a lot of convincing last night. I didn’t want to go out in the storm either. Plus, I thought my friend would be happy for a chance to cry in peace. Hopefully, she went straight to bed after I called requesting the sleepover. The girls did not.

I love how the book jacket describes Sleepover With Beatrice & Bear… “This delightful story of an irrepressible bunny will engage readers on many levels as it celebrates creativity, making the best of circumstances, and the joy of the changing seasons.” When you account for the watermelon we ate, it describes our evening too.

Especially after you read what happens when Rabbit tries to hibernate with Bear. Pure restlessness. Just like Anna and ML last night. They started in ML’s bed. Moved their blankets to the living room couch and chaise. Claimed they couldn’t sleep and asked if they could read. I said, “Yes if you can read in the dark.” It appears they tried. I found books in the living room this morning. Twenty minutes later, they were knocking on my door scared. So they slept on my floor.

Tonight ML and I read Sleepover With Beatrice & Bear. I’ve read so many picture books, I usually know where a story is going. From the beginning picture in this book until the last few pages, ML and I had no idea. A true treasure.

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