Science Friday – FUNdamental Experiments!


It’s been far too long since I’ve written a Science Friday post.  The book which left ML silent in the car the other night was from the FUNdamental Experiements series by Bearport Publishing.  I recently discovered this publisher.  They have some of the most interesting science series I’ve seen . . . Plant-ology, Gross-out Defenses, SuperSized!, More SuperSized!, Even More SuperSized! and many more.

ML was studying the page of the book titled Motion. The first page spread defines motion in easy to understand text and engaging photographs. From there, each page spread asks a question. For example, “Does it take more force to move heavy objects?” Then, lists the steps to follow to investigate the question. A list of items needed is clearly stated for each experiment. Most items in the experiments we already own. For example, one experiment needs… a small toy car, cottonball, leaf, small stone, ball drinking straw, notebook, pencil and measuring tape.

This series includes eight titles. . . Color, Dirt, Light, Liquids and Solids, Magnets, Motion, Sound and Water. This school year, we’ll try experiments from each of the books.


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