Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell

Thank You Octopus

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell  started out on the New Picture Books to Read When ML Returns From The Beach post.  But I five-starred it on Goodreads.  Most books I give five stars get a post of their own.

Last week, I learned he’s visiting our local book store.  I couldn’t wait to write a post about meeting him. Then, I learned it’s this upcoming Saturday.  Guess who has to work?  So I’m not able to write a post about how cool Darren Farrell is in the flesh.  However, I can promise you his book is awesome.  I’m doing a phone purchase and leaving it for him to “art-it-up” for ML.  I think Darren Farrell made up the word for his blog post about his upcoming visit to Quail Ridge Books.  I’m adding it to my vocabulary.  When an illustrator is really good, I’m going to tell people, “(Illustrator’s Name) can really art-it-up.” Trust me, Darren Farrell can really art-it-up.

He can write too.  Here’s the publishers blurb on the book.  “Ahoy! It’s bedtime, and Octopus is here to help his buddy get ready. First up is a bath (Thank you, Octopus) . . . in egg salad (No, thank you, Octopus)! Then it’s time to brush teeth…with paint brushes!  And don’t worry, Octopus made sure there were no monsters under the bed…because they’re all in the closet! No, thank you, Octopus!  Each page turn brings new wordplay and laughs in this hip, nautical-themed take on bedtime and friendship . . . ending with a great big surprise for Octopus and sweet dreams for two best friends.”


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