I Pledge Allegiance and The Citizenship Test

I Pledge Allegiance

Today’s post honors the people who work hard to become American Citizens.  I Pledge Allegiance written by Pat Mora and Libby Martinez and illustrated by Patrice Barton provided the perfect opportunity for me to explain to ML the path to becoming a citizen of the United States.  Co-written by mother and daughter, the central characters of this book are the author, Libby, as a young girl and her great aunt Lobo.  Both are learning the Pledge of Allegiance for an important day in each of their lives.  The illustrations with their subtle red, white and blue color scheme show the love and pride in this family.

After reading the book, I explained Miss Edna became an American citizen the same way.  Miss Edna is the housekeeper at our library.  ML and she love each other dearly.  I remember when Edna was taking the citizenship test.  She was very nervous.  If you think it’s easy to become a citizen, try the citizenship test yourself.  It’s one of the last of many long, hard steps to citizenship.  Without Ms. Emmons for US History, I’m not sure I would have passed.

Here’s a link to see if you can pass.

Could You Pass a US Citizenship Test from the Christian Science Monitor.

Don’t forget to celebrate living in a nation with many opportunities for independence.  And the people who work hard to become citizens so they too may enjoy this right.

Happy Fourth of July!





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