Britta Teckentrup


I first read Britta Teckentrup this spring, or so I thought.  Sharing her book Run Home, Little Mouse at story time.  Then, with ML.  We loved her artwork.  After a quick search of the library catalog, I realized I’ve read her books before in story time.  ML even owns Big Smelly Bear.

As an author/illustrator living in Berlin, her books are published in Europe first.  Since February, I’ve eagerly awaited the US publication of The Odd One Out.  Finally, it arrived at the library. It does not disappoint.  Most seek and find books are flashy.  This one is subdued and tricky.  Don’t believe me?  See how long it takes you to find the camel with just one hump, or the panda without bamboo, or the lemur looking at it’s own nose.  It’s actually referred to as “a spotting book”… a perfect description of this fun, interactive book.

It will be the first book I share with ML when she returns from the beach.

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