The Birds Have Flown the Nest


Last year we had two broods of bluebirds in our bluebird box.  This spring sparrows built a nest in the box.  Three little sparrows were hatched from three teeny tiny eggs. While the sparrows were building a nest, a bluebird couple was flying around interested in the box.  Around the time we discovered the sparrow eggs, the bluebirds disappeared.  I accepted it would be a sparrow spring instead of a bluebird summer.  Then, the sparrows fledged.

Nest by Jorey Hurley shows why birds love our yard.  Easy access to nest building materials, lots of worms, and berries for a feast.  The subtle illustrations show the excitement and challenges birds experience.  Luckily, we don’t have a cat.  Though one does visit our yard when the butterflies arrive.  Check out this video to see how the illustrations were created.

We read this book the night after ML asked if brother and sister birds can get married.  I said, “I don’t think birds get married.”  ML’s response, “I know that Mommy.  You know what I mean.”  Innocently, I said, “Oh.  Can they have babies together?”  ML responded, “Yes, that’s what I am wondering.”  I responded, “No”  and was afraid the next question would ask for specifics on how birds reproduce.   I admit, I didn’t know.  Based on a link my friend sent from a piece performed at a Listen To Your Mother Show about going to the internet with your child to find an answer to a question like this, I panicked.  Luckily, she didn’t ask… giving me time to research the answer.

Since writing the first draft of this post. . . a new development.  Last weekend ML noticed the bluebirds return.  She discovered they were building a nest on top of the sparrow’s nest.  Friday night I checked the box.  No eggs.  Saturday morning ML checked the box.  One egg.  Sunday morning we checked the box.  Three eggs.  Sunday evening I checked the box.  Four eggs!  I’m thinking we will have five eggs.  ML thinks six.  No matter what we are happy our bluebirds returned.

Check out the sparrow eggs from this year and the bluebird eggs from last year.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures but sparrow eggs are much smaller than bluebird eggs.

Sparrow EggsBluebird Eggs





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