ML’s Book Club This Summer

I’ve learned this year ML’s book club meeting will be a quarterly event.  Anything more doesn’t work with my schedule.  I’m trying to model a life to ML where one is not over-scheduled.

Here’s the message I sent the parents of the members:

Knowing summers are busy, I am planning to have a book club in August.  Below are three books we will talk about.  It’s not a problem if your daughter doesn’t read all of them.  Just wanted to give a few choices.  All are available at the library.

The Trouble With Chickens by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Kevin Cornell
The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron and illustrated by Ann Strugnall
What is the Statue of Liberty? by Joan Holub and illustrated by John Hinderliter

As soon as I nail down my work schedule for August, I’ll throw out some possibilites.  In the mean time, I am happy to create a list of books for any of your children based on their reading preferences and reading level.  Let me know.  I’ll “interview” your daughter to learn what she likes and find 5-9 titles she may enjoy.  Looking forward to another year of reading with your girls.
                                                                                                                                                               ***I am happy to report two parents have already taken me up on the offer to put together books ideas for their daughters.  Hopefully, their daughters will read the books.  Like them.  Then, encourage ML to read them.  I don’t want to say my offer had ulterior motives.  I think of it more as a fringe benefit.  I love connecting books to readers, especially ML’s friends***
Trouble With ChickensStories Julian TellsWhat Is Statue of Liberty

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