Goatilocks and the Three Bears


Last night I bribed ML and her friend Sarah to do a heavy duty cleaning of ML’s room.  Between out of town guests, a street party and the end of school it was a real mess.  While preparing their dinner, I showed them a fun book that arrived at the library yesterday. . . Goatilocks and the Three Bears by Erica S. Perl  and illustrated by Arthur Howard.  I enjoyed hearing the girls howl while I cooked meatballs, butter beans and pasta.

When a small goat takes over the three bears’ house there is alot of eating going on. . .  porridge and spoon, baby bear’s chair and the cushions too, the bed, the blanket, two pillows and a pair of pajamas.  ML and Sarah shouted, “She ate it” every time it appeared in the book.

The bold outlines of each animal’s facial expressions highlight the personalities.  The first page shows Goatilocks looking like a naive, happy go lucky kid.  Other illustrations prove she isn’t.  Look at her eyes in the illustrations throughout the rest of the book.  From sneaky, to perplexed, to content. . . her emotions run the gamut.

As for the room cleaning, the girls earned $3 each with the understanding this was a special occasion.  Anytime they have a play date, they are responsible for cleaning up afterwards without payment.  Before they started, I explained a good job would earn them $2 each.  A great job $3 each.  Above and beyond $3.50.

ML’s friend is $3 closer to buying pet gerbils.  You’ll hear more about that in a later post.

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