The Blog Continues to Evolve – A New Look at Picture Books

ML is growing and sometimes doesn’t enjoy picture books like she did before.  I love picture books and don’t won’t us to stop reading them.  So I have a plan.  ML’s going to help me plan preschool story time.  All books will be approved by her before I read them at story time.  Free expert advice from someone who was a preschooler not too long ago.

Below are the first three books she approved.


Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi and illustrated by Brendan Wenzel – A perfect book for active participation in story time.  Fluttering, gliding, hiding, curling up in a ball… It’s all there.  The illustrations are my favorite in any bug picture book I’ve seen.


It’s an Orange Aardvark! by Michael Hall – At first, ML was confused looking at the title and cover illustration.  She said, “Um, I thought it was a bug story time.”  When she opened the book, she understood.  A howling adventure of a bold carpenter ant and his friends.  A hit with preschoolers and ML.


Bug and Bear:  A Story of True Friendship by Ann Bonwill and illustrated by Layn Marlow – Bug and Bear are the best of friends; but bear doesn’t want to play.  She wants to take a nap.  Bug keeps following Bear thinking they are playing; when in fact Bear is trying to hide from Bug.  ML liked the muted color scheme of brown, rust, purple, green and yellow.

All were hits.  Story time finished with an insect rendition of The Wheels on the Bus.

The grasshoppers on the bus go hop, hop, hop.
The caterpillars on the bus go munch, munch, munch.
The butterflies on the bus go flutter, flutter, flutter.

… you get the idea.

I do many adaptations of The Wheels on the Bus for puppet shows.  The kids love every single one of them.



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