Career Day – I Booktalked Branches – A New Group of Beginning Chapter Books

Today I surprised ML and visited her class to tell about what I do at my job.  She was super excited and helped me with the story time.  We did a shared reading of an Elephant & Piggie book and the puppet show we performed for the incoming kindergarteners yesterday.  Not only did I perform a story time, I booktalked.  For those of you in the non-library world, it’s telling a little bit about a book to entice readers.  I chose a new group of beginning reader chapter books by Scholastic Books to highlight called Branches.  The students were intrigued by the books.  Hopefully, they will visit the public library this summer and check some out.  I consider the most important part of my job getting books to readers.

There are eight series in this collection.  I’ve read snippets from four of the series.  Descriptions of the series are straight from Scholastic’s website. Plus a sentence on what I think will appeal to readers from the books I’ve physically laid my hands on.


Kung Pow Chicken by Cindi Marko – “Gordon Blue was an ordinary second grader — until he became the superhero known as Kung Pow Chicken! Now he battles bad guys all over town!”  Readers will like the colorful pages, and the intermixing of traditional text with comic book bubbles.


Looniverse by David Lubar – “A magical coin makes Ed’s universe go more than a little loony in this edge-of-your-seat series.”  Readers will like the quirky stories and the funny illustrations.


Lotus Lane by Kyla May – “These fun diaries give readers a glimpse into the fabulous Lotus Lane Girls Club.”  Readers will like the diary format and the illustrations interspersed throughout the diary entries.

Monkey Me

Monkey Me by Timothy Roland – “Thanks to a wacky banana, energetic Clyde turns into a monkey when he gets excited!”  Readers will like the combination of narrative text and comic strip format.

Dragon Masters

Dragon Masters by Tracey West and illustrated by Graham Howells – “Dragon Masters has it all!  Dragons, a Dragon Stone, a king, a wizard, and magic!”

I am glad to have additional beginning chapter books to share with readers this summer beyond my regular go tos… Magic Tree House, Flat Stanley, and Rainbow Magic.

Libraries can’t buy every book.  Other series in the Branches group, I’ve yet to read include…


Boris by Andrew Joyner – “Adventure is always just around the corner for this enthusiastic warthog.”


Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe by Susan Nees – “Missy does everything the super-duper-royal-deluxe way in this irresistible series about a girl with a big personality!”


The Notebook of Doom by Troy Cummings  – “Alexander Bopp has just moved to a new town where he uncovers all sorts of monsters!”


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