Happy Anniversary to ML Reads

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WordPress informed me this week, it’s the first anniversary of ML Reads.  When I started the blog, I did it on a whim.  Just a fun way to share books with friends.  I had no idea how much it would enrich my life; nor how it would evolve.

So 217 posts later with over 10,000 page views. . . this is what I’ve learned.

  • I’ve created a wonderful journal of ML’s reading and important events in our life.  Most make me smile; but the one about her friend dying hurts my heart every time I read it.
  • Authors and illustrators of children books are amazing.  Not only do they provide high quality books for children, they are kind.  A month or so into the blog I decided to contact authors and illustrators when they were featured.  I receive responses from the vast majority.  Some send ML copies of their books.  Others provide a sneak peak to artwork from an upcoming book.  A few even follow my blog.  I didn’t expect any of this when I started the blog.  All the authors and illustrators are gracious and appreciate learning how much ML enjoys their books.
  • People from all over the world view my blog…  78 countries and counting.
  • Writing is hard work.  211 posts are in some sort of draft yet to be finished.
  • I’m a better librarian for keeping this blog.  It’s renewed my enthusiasm for helping children find books they may enjoy.  I love it when they let me know if they like it or not.

I plan to continue posting for another year.  As ML grows I know the blog will continue to evolve.  With my love of picture books and ML’s interest in art, sharing about new picture books will be a permanent feature.  I anticipate ML’s reading skills to ramp up exponentially in the next year.  Maybe I’ll have her write posts on the chapter books she loves.


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to ML Reads

  1. And I thoroughly enjoy each and every post, my friend. As do my children WITH children! What an accomplishment. Congratulations!!! Blessings, Nancy Dickson

    May joy be in you, today and always!

    Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 20:36:15 +0000 To: nandickson@hotmail.com

  2. I’m happy to hear you plan on continuing your blog, I just “found” you but already we’ve got so many new books from the library (our library is TINY so we do lots of inter-library loan when we’ve got suggestions like yours) that have been great! Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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