The Baby Tree and Another Brother

AnotherBrotherBaby Tree

When ML was three she said, “I know I popped out of you, but how did I get in?”  We were in a restaurant, not the most conducive place for explaining how babies are made.  So I did what I do often,  I turned it back to her with a question.  “How do you think?”  She replied, “I think I popped into you.”  Technically she was right.  So I agreed and the conversation ended.

A few weeks ago, she called me to tell me she was getting a new sibling.  Obviously and thankfully, not from me. Yesterday, she stuck out her lips, moped and shuffled her feet while complaining  “It’s going to be another brother.”  Immediately, I thought of one of my favorite picture books from 2012, Another Brother by Matthew Cordell.  I posted about it last July when ML”s friend’s second brother arrived.  I’m bringing it home tonight.

Today, a new book arrived at the library called The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall.  Looking at the cover, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Truthfully, the cover freaked me out a little.  But it’s one of my favorite author/illustrators;  so I withheld judgement.  This is a case where you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  A young boy learns a new baby is coming.  He begins questioning people on where babies come from and receives a variety of answers.  ML’s seven and it’s time she learned how babies are made.  This book will provide a perfect segway into the conversation.

Any advice or stories of your experience explaining where babies come from to children?

1 thought on “The Baby Tree and Another Brother

  1. Kerri,
    In case you did not get my email you have got to check out Julia Sweeney Sex Ed monologue on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio.) Warning…be prepared to wet your pants

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