Gotta Love the Easter Bunny – Books, Chocolate and Jelly Bellies

A pretty cool Easter Bunny visits our house.  Below is a picture of the goods.  ML’s been reading me Knock, Knock Jokes all day.



We’ve tried to make it a tradition to visit my brother’s family at Easter.  This year, we couldn’t make it.  We are fortunate to  have great friends here.  One stopped by this morning with a special present for ML.  A handmade purse using the same fabric as my living room pillows.  And a big chocolate bunny.  As you will see in the picture below, ML is honest and polite.  Luckily, the gift giver will laugh as much as I did when she receives the thank you.  Here’s what it says, “Thank you for the purs and chokclet.  Next time please get Milk Chocklet.”


Looking forward to sharing what we think of the new books.  In the meantime, we’re off to Easter dinner and an egg hunt with her cousin at her Great Aunt’s house.




2 thoughts on “Gotta Love the Easter Bunny – Books, Chocolate and Jelly Bellies

  1. You were right I did geta chuckle out of her final request. I was just so glad u were home…
    Hope u had a lovely easter….ME

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