Grimmtastic Girls Arrived at the Library Today


Today, a new series arrived at the library.  Grimmtastic Girls by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams.  I learned of the series when one of the authors, Joan Holub, sent me advanced copies of the first two books.  I immediately let the librarian who orders books know about it.  The authors’ series Goddess Girls and Heroes in Training are immensely popular.  I knew Grimmtastic Girls would be too.

The advanced copies arrived the evening ML’s good friend spent the night.  Here’s my email to the author.

“I was excited to receive advanced copies of Grimmtastic Girls in the mail.  It was such a pleasant surprise.  I read 4 chapters of the first book to ML and her friend last night.  They wanted me to keep going but it was 11pm.  I’m going to pass the copy of the one you sent to us to ML’s friend from last night.  She’s a better reader than ML so she will probably be able to read it herself.  One thing I can already tell I like about the books is the vocabulary used.  So many times, series books can be watered down.  I look forward to this opening up ML’s interest in the 398.2 section of the library.”  (For non-librarians – the 398.2 section is the Dewey Decimal Number where the non-Disney folk and fairy tales are housed.)

Even though I wrote a post called “Not Another Princess Book,” I am excited about this series.  Based on what we’ve read so far, the princesses have depth and take care of themselves.  The first book starts with your typical Cinderella story… evil stepmother, mean stepsisters.  From there it changes.  Cinderella or Cinda as she is called in the book starts at the boarding school her stepsisters attend,  Grimmtastic Academy.  We haven’t finished reading about the first day of school and the stepsisters have tried to sabotage Cinda three times.  Luckily, she meets Snow, Red and Rapunzel.  It looks like they are going to show her the ropes.  Other characters introduced include the school secretary Mrs Jabberwocky , the lunch room lady Mistress Hagscorch, the headmaster Grumpystiltskin.  And of course Prince Awesome who the stepsisters swoon over.

I look forward to reading more of this book with ML.  Her reading is improving so she’s likely to be reading the series on her own September 30th when the third and fourth book in the series are released.

Book 1 – Cinderella Stays Up Late
Book 2 – Red Riding Hood Gets Lost
Book 3 – Snow White Lucks Out
Book 4 – Rapunzel Cuts Loose


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