On the way to work recently, I noticed pink flowers on the trees along my commute.  The red buds are blooming.  Last year we planted one at our new house.  The plan was to take a picture of ML in front of it each year.  Didn’t happen yet.  But it appears the trees has survived this very cold, bizarre winter.  As soon as it’s full of leaves, I’ll snap the picture.

Maple by Lori  Nichols is a recent addition to the library collection.  It’s a unique book highlighting the changing seasons and the experience of having a new sibling.  Before Maple is born, her parents plant a tree.  A maple of course.  Throughout Maple’s childhood, the tree is a companion to her.  When she’s sent outside for being too noisy, the tree doesn’t care.

One day a small tree begins growing next to Maple’s tree.  Then, a bigger surprise.  Her mom’s stomach is getting bigger.  Soon, a baby sister is brought home from the hospital.  Maple works hard to be a helpful big sister.  When the baby gets too noisy, she takes it outside under the maple tree.  Next to it a small willow is beginning to grow.  I am sure you can guess Maple’s sister’s name.

I’ve only given the most basic of descriptions about this book.  It’s so much more.  A story of nature, companionship and love.

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