Mom, Do You Know How to Trap a Leprechaun?


When I picked ML up from school today she exclaimed, “I’m going to make a trap to catch a leprechaun when we get home.”  Then, she started her Saint Patrick’s Day rendition of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.  ”

Jolly Old Saint P-a-trick.
Lend you ear this way.
Don’t you tell a leprechaun what I’m going to say.
St Patrick’s Day is coming soon.
Now you dear old man.
Whisper  how much gold there is.
Tell me if you can.

By the time I realized Saint Patrick’s Day was upon us, all the books about it or leprechauns were checked out.  When they return, I will check out The Leprechaun Under the Bed by Teresa Bateman and illustrated by Paul Meisel.  I haven’t read the book in a year so I can’t give you my synopsis.  This one is from the publisher.  “There is no peace at all for a poor leprechaun. Brian O’Shea summons banshees and ghosts to try and stop Sean McDonald from building a cottage right on top of his own home, but it’s no use. Brian still ends up with a front door right under Sean’s bed. The leprechaun has to make the best of the situation. Yet as time goes on, the two develop an unusual alliance-one that comes in hand when danger arises.”

The reason I am choosing this book is I remember liking it.  Plus, ML and I created a little village to help catch a leprechaun.  It’s under her bed.  The leprechaun will be so busy collecting the gold from all the buildings it won’t notice the clear glass house has a trap.  In the middle of the floor is a gold piece.  But all around it is super-sticky, leprechaun escape-proof tape.  For those who need a visual it’s below.  ML labeled most of the buildings… house, city hall, store, restaurant, mall and mansion and skyscraper.  ML has a contingency plan if the leprechaun is larger.  A piece of string which will trip the leprechaun and cause it to fall in the middle of a bunch of stuffed animals.  The animals will guard it until we wake up.


Maybe ML will be a town planner or architect one day.

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