What Time Is It?

H780_W2.tifBunny DayTimeMrWolf

As we age, time goes faster.  But when you are seven-years-old waiting for a friend to arrive, time moves at a snail’s pace.  In some ways it was easier before ML learned how to tell time.  When I said, “10 minutes til bedtime, she didn’t know if it was two minutes instead of ten that lapsed.

Learning to tell time is hard.  When a child grasps the concept, it should be celebrated.  Below are our favorite picture books we read when ML was learning to tell time.  In this short month, my time for blog posts is limited.  I’ve provided the publishers blurb.  I promise the story and illustrations were kid approved.  My brain’s just a little too fried this week to share ML’s thoughts on each book.

What Time Is It, Mr. Crocodile? by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Doug Cushman -Mr. Crocodile has big plans for finally catching–and eating–five pesky monkeys, but those little rascals dupe him again and again. By the time the clock strikes six, those mischievous monkeys actually teach Mr. Crocodile a thing or two about friendship . . . and about having fun!

Bunny Day:  Telling Time From Breakfast to Bedtime by Rick Walton and illustrated by Paige Miglio – Spend the day with a lovable bunny family from eight o’clock in the morning, when Father Rabbit wakes up his little bunnies, to eight o’clock at night, when Mother Rabbit tucks them into -bed. Every hour bunnies are busy doing something new: at eleven it’s chore time, at one they play, and at seven story time begins.

What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf? by Debi Gliori – Mr. Wolf’s day is packed, not only with his own activities and errands, but with such characters as three giggling pigs and a fiddling cat continually asking him what time it is, until, at last, it is bedtime.

Several of these books show various types of clocks throughout the book.  Some are easier to see than others.  My favorite… showing ML the sundial in What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?

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