Brush of the Gods – ML wants to meet the author and illustrator


We’ve received bookmarks, posters and advanced copies from some authors and illustrators.  Also, we’ve met authors and illustrators at our local bookstore.  Apparently, ML thinks I have an in with all authors and illustrators.  Last night after reading Brush of the Gods by Lenore Look and illustrated by Meilo So, ML said, “I love this book.  I want to meet the author and illustrator.”

Lenore Look lives in New Jersey.  Meilo So lives in the Shetland Isles, a subarctic archipelago of Scotland.  If either visits Quail Ridge Books, we will be there.  If someone wants to fund a visit to Scotland, ML and I will be happy to visit Meilo So on her small island.

Brush of the Gods highlights the life of Wu Daozi;  considered a master painter during the T’ang Dynasty in the seventh century.  According to the author’s note, “He introduced the concept of depicting movement in figures and their clothing.  His figures’ scarves billowed, their robes swung, and their hair blew in the wind.”  Meilo So’s illustrations use watercolor, ink, gouache and colored pencils to represent Daozi’s style.

Legend has it Daozi entered an archway painted on the mural he created for the emperor and disappeared forever.  None of his murals survived to present day.  Below is an example of his work.


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