In Honor of the Olympics – ML’s Medal


Recently, the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics in Sochi was viewed by millions.  Throughout the next few weeks, hundreds of athletes will win medals.  In my eyes, ML received a medal more important than an Olympic Gold.  Why did ML earn this medal?  For being respectful, helping others, and being excited about learning.  I akin it to her school’s version of a Nobel Peace Prize.  I know, a little over-the-top.

Even without the medal, I know ML is excited about learning and does her best to help others.  Her teachers from preschool to first grade say this every year.  She doesn’t need a medal for me to be proud.  At the same time, it’s nice to have it recognized in a special way.

ML’s modesty shows.  It wasn’t until we were cuddling for the night, she shared about receiving the medal at her school’s assembly.  I’m certain I would have bragged about it to my family as soon as I arrived home.  Probably taunted my brother on the bus ride home with “I got a medal, you didn’t!  I got a medal, you didn’t!  I got a medal, you didn’t!”

Sadly, her medal wasn’t with her. She took it off and put it with her jacket to play in the gym.  She thinks it was stolen because one child whose name wasn’t called in the assembly was wearing one.

It was late and she was almost asleep so I didn’t talk this potential theft through with her.  If it comes up again, we’ll talk about the book we read recently, Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.  A marble is stolen from a school exhibit.  Everyone is blaming each other.  The real thief feels very bad about what she did, but doesn’t know what to do to rectify it.

Then, I’ll remind her about the time she stole something when she was in preschool.  It will help put her disappointment in perspective.  The school’s giving ML a replacement medal.


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