11 Experiments That Failed


Last week was the Kindergarten and First grade Science fair at ML’s school.  It’s voluntary to participate.  Each year, I tell ML it is up to her and Daddy.  He’s a scientist.  So I get to enjoy the science fair without any of the parental stress.  As soon as I find my camera to upload the pictures, I’ll tell you more about ML’s project.  For now, I’ll share the perfect book to help explain the scientific process to elementary school students.

11 Experiments That Failed by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter – Between the illustrations and the science experiment ideas this is the funniest book about the scientific method.  It’s also the most effective.  When the paper from school arrived about the science fair, I pulled out this book.  There are eleven experiments.  Each experiment includes the following steps:

  • Question
  • Hypothesis
  • What You Need
  • What to Do
  • What Happened

All eleven experiments failed.   ML’s favorites included, “Would a gerbil like a bigger wheel?”  A trip to a ferris wheel is part of this experiment.  “Will a piece of bologna fly like a Frisbee?”  The result, “Teacher caught bologna with his head.  No recess.

I was hoping the “Can a washing machine wash dishes?” experiment results would be yes.  We don’t have a dishwasher, nor room for one in the kitchen.  Loading up the washing machine would simplify my life.  Clean dishes and clothes at the same time.

Looking forward to ML getting a little taller and she can have the dish washing chore.

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