Whale Shines: An Artistic Tale


Last week, all the new picture books arriving at the library were fantastic.  Each day, I bring a new one home.  Tonight, we read Whale Shines:  An Artistic Tale by Fiona Robinson.  Afterwards, I asked ML, “Did you like it? ”  Her response, “I didn’t like it; but I loved it.”

ML loves art.  Her favorite medium this week is pencil and copy paper.  Trees, fairies, mermaids, mountains and birds are recurring illustrations.  Tonight, I found her latest masterpiece and a pencil in her bed.  Looks like she slept with them last night. Every night before lights out, she does something quietly in her bed.  Sometimes she reads.  Other times she completes a word search.  Last night she asked, “Mommy, can I draw?”

In Whale Shines, an art show is being curated by Mr. Jackson Pollock.  In the marine world, pollock is a type of fish.  Whale is in advertising… floating through the ocean with a big banner tied around his body to solicit entries.  He finds artistic sea animals creating sculptures, drawings, sand art.  It leaves Whale depressed and wishing he was an artist.  With the help of plankton, he discovers he is an artist and finds his favorite medium.

My favorite part… Whale is so immersed in his art, the plankton have to remind him to go up for air.  While breathing, he discovers an idea for his masterpiece.  Two hints on the theme.  1.  It’s dark when whale surfaces.  2.  Van Gogh doesn’t have anything on Whale.

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