Holiday Gifts – Drawing Books


Ed Emberley began writing and illustrating books with step-by-step instructions for drawing people, animals and objects using a minimum of line and circle combinations in the 1970s.  Not only is he a grandfather, he is the grandfather of drawing books for kids.  Thirteen of his drawing books are still in print.  His website is fantastic.  It may take you back to your childhood.

Below are other drawing series from easiest to hardest.  I’ve included pictures of one title in each series.  Each series includes books on a variety of subjects.

Simple Steps to Drawing – Breaks the steps into basic shapes and patterns.  Then provides, 3 simple steps to create the picture.


Scribblers Bright Start Right Start:  It’s Fun to Draw – Developed for preschool children and older.


Draw It! – Includes six easy to follow steps.


Draw 50 – Another classic series.


How to Draw – The most advanced series I’ve seen written specifically for children.
Do you know any other series for kids on drawings?  I would love to add them to the list.

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