How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans


How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Mark Fearing is about a girl who despises green beans.  Every Tuesday night her parents serve green beans assuring Martha they are good for her and will make her big and strong.  Martha just stares at the green beans.

One day her parents are kidnapped by a gang of green beans.  Martha spent the evening enjoying pizza, cookies, chips, and lots of juice boxes.  When she woke up, Martha realized she missed her parents.  She knew just what to do.  She hunted down the green beans and ate them.

From that day on, her family never had green beans again.  Instead, choosing items everyone liked.  Corn, broccoli and a nice leafy salad.  The salad looks suspicious at the end.  That one may be off the table soon.

I am fortunate ML is not a picky eater.  However, there are two  foods she hates – sweet potatoes and avocados.  She also goes through stages where all she wants to eat are certain foods.  Right now it’s sugar snap peas, blackberries, kiwi and cheese.  It will be something else in a few weeks.  By the end of last winter she didn’t like clementines.  However, she’s being eating three a day recently.

Recently ML asked, “Can I try a little of your avocado?”  Then, she preceded to spit it out.  I’m glad she was willing to try.  And I’m ok with the fact she doesn’t like it.  I’m fortunate she likes so many other healthy choices.  If you have concerns about your child’s eating habits or want ideas for your home, check out the Ellyn Satter Institute’s web page on How to Feed Children.

I found great advice and plan to make some changes to our eating habits.  I was most relieved to read the portion in the adolescent area recommending  “Teach him to plan and prepare a few super-easy meals. Eating out and using pre-prepared food is okay – it is having the meal that counts.”  Made me feel better about our Tuesday night date at Moe’s where kids eat free.  It’s a enjoyable, easy, healthy dinner option for us.  Plus we always run into someone we know.  So it’s an enjoyable social occasion too.  I find more about what is going on at school those nights than any other time.

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