Mom Loved Yellow


Tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary since my mom passed away. This week my story time theme is Yellow in memory of her. Yellow was her favorite color and describes her disposition best – always optimistic. She taught me to read, be kind to others and make lemonade out of lemons.

It’s hard to believe she’s been gone more than a quarter of my life. Her nurturing and love during my first thirty years helped shape who I am. Tomorrow, ML and I celebrate her 7th birthday at Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Broadway Production. I’ll tell ML how much Grandma Nell loved to “see shows.” How I wish she could join us. It’s fitting Belle wears yellow and loves to read.

Mom wouldn’t want me to end on a sad note. So here’s a book I shared this week – Gladys Goes Out to Lunch by Derek Anderson. Gladys is a gorilla that follows her nose out of the gates of the zoo and around the city looking for what smells so sweet and yummy. Finally, she finds the source – a loaf of banana bread. Another of Mom’s expertise – banana bread. Actually, everything she cooked was yummy. Except for the salt brownies. But that’s a story for another day.


11 thoughts on “Mom Loved Yellow

  1. I love your post today remembering your sweet mama! Everything you said is so true, her love of yellow and the fact that she had such a sunny and positive outlook, her talent in being the BEST cook ever, her nurturing nature and the love she had for her friends and family! I miss her so much too but know that she left quite a legacy! She is so very proud of you!

  2. Beautiful post Kerri. That yellow certainly did rub off on you – optimistic, kind and lemonade!! Glad you are my friend!

  3. We miss her too and think of her so often. She was one of the sweetest persons we’ve ever known. Her greatest legacy is her sweet children!

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