The ABCs of North Carolina

Little did I know I had an up and coming author and illustrator in my backyard. Literally, in my back yard. Amy Richards took excellent care of ML when I returned to full-time library work. They went to parks, played games and did all sorts of craft activities. ML has a painted canvas in her room of a mermaid. Amy did a line drawing and ML painted it. It’s one of my favorite things.

Amy launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the initial expense of printing her coloring book, The ABCs of NC. It’s an amazing, educational book. Amy’s appreciates the support and interest of friends and acquaintances. Check out the video about her project. She’s reached her initial goal so she can print 100 coloring books. However, the more money she raises the more books she can print at a cheaper cost per book. Her pledge gifts will make great Christmas presents. Rumor has it, Santa’s bringing me a watercolor of the letter F page. . .forsythia branch with bluebird. Two of ML and my favorite things in one painting. Red or Charcoal grey t shirts silk-screened with an image of the cover are available with a $25 dollar pledge.

You heard it here first. Amy Richards is on her way.


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