Urgency Emergency! Series

Currently, ML’s saving her money to buy crutches on eBay. I get the interest in crutches. Luckily, my friend’s dad sold medical equipment. I spent A LOT of time playing with the crutches at Ashley’s house. At times she probably wondered, “Does Kerri come to see me or the crutches?” Let’s just say I shared my daughter’s obsession.

When a new series Urgency Emergency! by Dosh Archer arrived last week, I rushed it home convinced it was a perfect choice for ML’s nightly homework. . . read twenty minutes every night. Excitedly, I handed her Urgency Emergency! Itsy Bitsy Spider. She groaned, took the book from me, and climbed into her new bed. Next thing I know, she’s in the living room sharing all the details of the story.

The next evening, I offered up another book from the series Urgency Emergency! Big Bad Wolf. Within fifteen minutes, she returned the book to me. According to ML, “the ambulance brought a choking wolf to the hospital, he was choking on a grandma, and he was taken to jail because it is against the law to eat people.” She’s achieved a huge step in reading. . . reading a book, comprehending it and retelling the story.

This series was first published in the United Kingdom. A few weeks ago the titles above were released in the United States. Hopefully, Little Elephant’s Blocked Trunk, Melting Snowman, and Trapped Beetle US publications are pending.

One thought on “Urgency Emergency! Series

  1. I have experience being on crutches for several months in the 5th grade. Can’t say that I would ever want to repeat the experience nor do I get her fascination…. But kids are funny like that! S

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