Urgency Emergency! Series

Currently, ML’s saving her money to buy crutches on eBay. I get the interest in crutches. Luckily, my friend’s dad sold medical equipment. I spent A LOT of time playing with the crutches at Ashley’s house. At times she probably wondered, “Does Kerri come to see me or the crutches?” Let’s just say I shared my daughter’s obsession.

When a new series Urgency Emergency! by Dosh Archer arrived last week, I rushed it home convinced it was a perfect choice for ML’s nightly homework. . . read twenty minutes every night. Excitedly, I handed her Urgency Emergency! Itsy Bitsy Spider. She groaned, took the book from me, and climbed into her new bed. Next thing I know, she’s in the living room sharing all the details of the story.

The next evening, I offered up another book from the series Urgency Emergency! Big Bad Wolf. Within fifteen minutes, she returned the book to me. According to ML, “the ambulance brought a choking wolf to the hospital, he was choking on a grandma, and he was taken to jail because it is against the law to eat people.” She’s achieved a huge step in reading. . . reading a book, comprehending it and retelling the story.

This series was first published in the United Kingdom. A few weeks ago the titles above were released in the United States. Hopefully, Little Elephant’s Blocked Trunk, Melting Snowman, and Trapped Beetle US publications are pending.

1 thought on “Urgency Emergency! Series

  1. I have experience being on crutches for several months in the 5th grade. Can’t say that I would ever want to repeat the experience nor do I get her fascination…. But kids are funny like that! S

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