Blog Name Change, Smart Phones and The Quest for 41 Followers

Summer is not officially over, but it’s coming September 22nd. The positive feedback from readers and the appreciative emails from authors and illustrators make me happy. So I am going to continue the blog. From now on, it’s “What Is ML Reading?”

Currently, I have 24 followers. On November fifth, I hope to have 41 followers. It’s the day I turn 41. Please share with friends, coworkers and people you meet in the grocery line. Actually, I am probably one of the few people talking to people in the grocery line. Most people in line are attuned to their smart phones, not their surroundings.

Speaking of smartphones. . . I’m hoping to avoid purchasing one until I cannot function in the world without one. (Did I mention my family was one of the last owners of rotary-dial phones? The other family? The Naugles) I’m just not ready to have the temptation of passing it off to my daughter when she is griping about us having to wait in line, at a restaurant or in the car. It’s precious talk time for us.

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