ML’s First Bookclub Meeting Was Magical

Below is an email invitation I sent to sixteen first and second graders’ moms.

ML and her two friends Piper and Emily decided they wanted to start a bookclub. So we’ve decided to go for it. On Friday, September 6 at 6:30 drop the girls off and I’ll have dinner ready for them. You can pick them up anytime between 8:30 – 9:00. There may be a special guest, an etymologist. If not, his bug collection will be there.

The book I am choosing for the first meeting is Grasshopper Magic by Lynne Jonnell and illustrated by Brandon Dorman. Here is the blurb from the author’s website. “Chicken? Abner is not a chicken, no matter what his brother Derek says. But when it comes to giving a speech in front of the whole town, Abner is . . . well . . . he’s more than a little nervous.

Then his sister Tate has an idea–bravery lessons. And the first one? Eat a roasted grasshopper. But Abner forgot something important. There’s magic in the ground under his family’s house and grasshoppers hatch from eggs laid in the ground. So what, exactly, would happen if a kid ate a grasshopper that had been soaking up magic all year long? BOING!”

Only twelve of the girls were able to join us this month. Our next official meeting will be November 15th. I’m hoping all 16 girls can make it. If I can fit 12 girls in a 964 square foot house, what’s 4 more?

Stay tuned. Next week, I’ll tell you all about the evening. . . and reveal the next book selection.

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