Science Friday – ML is a Petrologist and a Mineralogist

Petrologists study rocks and mineralogists study minerals. ML studies both. I have to check all pockets before washing her clothes. Today, there were two rocks and one mineral. She picks them up everywhere – our yard, friends’ yards, neighbors’ yards, the school playground and every park we visit.

Last Christmas, Santa brought ML a Mine for Gems Kit. Included in the box were tools for extracting the gems from the dirt. A small full-color pamphlet described the gems. The pamphlet was informative but ML wanted to know more. I brought home several rocks and mineral books. ML’s favorite was from the Smithsonian Handbooks series titled Gemstones by Cally Hall.

There are other books in this series. I’m checking out Butterflies and Moths by David J. Carter today. The zinnias we planted this spring are thriving and attracting a variety of butterflies. On Sunday, we saw a dark colored butterfly with a splash of blue on each wing. I’m thinking it was the Pipevine Swallowtail.

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