Science Friday – The Magic School Bus and Olinguitos

WaterworksSolar SystemNew Mammal

ML loves the Magic School Bus series written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen. Miss Frizzle is an odd teacher who takes her students on adventerous field trips via the Magic School Bus.

I’ve owned a few of these titles since my college days. I promise they were not my textbooks. Berry College wasn’t that easy. As an elementary education major, I had the opportunity to buy children’s books from Scholastic at a reduced rate.

A few years ago, ML discovered these college purchases on a bookshelf. She was hooked.

ML loves The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System. It was written in 1992, so it is not scientifically accurate. They visit nine planets. Now there are only eight. ML knows Pluto has been downgraded. It’s a great way to discuss how scientific discoveries are being made everyday. Sometimes this means changes.

Just last week, the discovery of a new mammal was announced to the world. The olinguito has a face that looks like a teddy bear. But don’t be confused, it’s a carnivorous mammal with very sharp claws.

My favorite is The Magic School Bus and the Waterworks. It provides an opportunity to explain what her Papa did for many years; put in water lines throughout the United States. One of the pipeline’s diameter was large enough for a Volkswagen Bug to drive through it. At least, that’s what Papa said, but he’s been known to tell some tall tales.

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