The Tooth Fairy is Overextended


The tooth fairy neglected to arrive three nights. Not one, not two, but three times!

Afraid to let me pull her first tooth, ML went to bed with it hanging by a thread. The next morning, she had a gap in her mouth, but no tooth to show for it. It wasn’t under the bed, lost in her sheets, inside her pillow case, or on the floor. We concluded she swallowed it sometime in the wee hours of the morning. We decided the tooth fairy didn’t come because she had finished her rounds for the night.

The second and third time the tooth fairy didn’t arrive on time were last week. Tuesday evening, I tried to pull her tooth. She refused my offer. On Wednesday morning, she asked me to pull it. That night she spent the night with her friend. She rushed home from camp on Thursday finding her tooth, not money. We decided it was because ML spent the night away from her tooth.

ML awoke on Friday morning. Once again her tooth was there. She thought it was because she spent the night on the living room floor, not in her room. On Friday evening, ML sealed her tooth in an envelope. She took it to her Dad’s house and planned to put it under her pillow. If the tooth fairy doesn’t come, we will know our other theory is true. . . the tooth fairy is on vacation.

There are numerous easy reader books about losing teeth. . . Makes sense as most kids are learning to read at the same they are losing teeth.

Our favorite easy reader teeth books include
Young Cam Jansen and the Lost Teeth by David Adler and illustrated by Susanna Natti
The Magic School Bus and the Missing Tooth by Jeanette Lane and illustrated by Carolyn Bracken.

There are some funny picture books about teeth. In Clarabella’s Teeth by An Vrombaut , a crocodile and her friends brush their teeth together in the morning. Her friends finish and go out to play, eat lunch, play some more; but Clarabella is still brushing her teeth. She finishes as her friends are getting ready for bed and brushing their teeth. Thankfully, she has kind, smart friends who solve the problem of her missing out on fun because it takes so long to brush her teeth.

Rod Clement’s Grandpa’s Teeth is a hilarious account of missing false teeth. They turn up at the end of the story. You’ll never guess where.

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