Homework Anxiety

homework myth

School starts in a week. ML is excited, but I have some anxiety.

What will the homework situation be? I don’t remember having homework the first few years of elementary school. Maybe it stared in third grade with spelling words and math? Friends with older children have shared horror stories over the amount of homework assigned in first grade.

As a kindergartener, ML had homework. It was manageable. We had a marbled black and white composition notebook where all the assignments were completed. Each month a sheet with a dozen assignments arrived via the daily folder.

Here’s an example of one of the assignments “Draw this equation. Ms. Brann had two green pumpkins and Ms. Shaw had 3 orange pumpkins. How many pumpkins did they have together?” Sometimes ML completed one a night. Other times she wanted to do three or four. One month she was really into it and wanted to finish them all in one weekend.

I have not read The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn pictured above, but I will. . . OK I’ll probably skim it. Life is short. And my hours with ML are short too. By the time I pick her up, we have 2 hours for dinner, bath and doing something fun together. Is homework really necessary? It will be interesting to read Alfie Kohn’s perspective. I’ll let you know what I think.

1 thought on “Homework Anxiety

  1. With you 100% on the homework! There’s so little time in the day already, and I definitely don’t remember having the quantity of homework has had since Kindergarten.

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