Science Friday – Cockroaches


Cockroaches grossed me out until recently. I accept I will never truly escape them. Some just aren’t interested in visiting my Roach Motels.

One of my favorite children’s book authors is Carmen Agra Deedy. Her book Martina: The Beautiful Cockroach illustrated by Michael Austin is lovely and lyrical. . . “Now that Martina was 21 years old, she was ready to give her leg in marriage.”

It’s the tale of Martina following her grandmother’s advice and giving each suitor the coffee test – spilling coffee on them to see how they react. It’s a very effective way to weed out potential husbands.

When I asked ML if she liked it, she said, “No. I don’t like cockroaches.” However, ML sat on my lap entranced through the entire book loving the way I sang, “Martina, Josefina, Catalina, Curcaracha, Beautiful muchacha, Won’t you be my wife?”

But she wouldn’t even look at the book Cockroaches by Valerie Bodden in the new Creepy Creatures series published by The Creative Company. It’s not the series she’s against. She enjoyed the Ants book

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