Duckie’s Probably Going to College


Last week, I read an article in the Independent Weekly in which I could relate, The Prodigal Lemur Returns by David Klein. Klein describes how his son’s first love a “plush duck-head attached to a small blanket” was replaced with a plush lemur. He perfectly describes ML’s Duckie. The lovey that will probably attend college with her.

Recently, I picked ML up from a sleepover at 10:00 p.m. My friend texted me, “ML says she can’t sleep without Duckie.” ML and I discussed this the night before. She didn’t want to take Duckie because her friend had a new dog that chewed stuffed animals. She thought she could go a night without Duckie. She’s done it before.

Mary Louise is anxious about big dogs. I get it. As a child, I was afraid of them too. She wanted me to bring Duckie over. It was only a few blocks away. But I knew it was probably more about the dog than Duckie. I gave her two choices. Stay there without Duckie or come home and sleep with Duckie. She chose Duckie. My friend, Jennifer was awesome. Her daughter, Sarah Jane, is so compassionate it was not a big deal.

Our favorite books about blankets are the classic Geraldine’s Blanket by Holly Keller. Geraldine was given a blanket by her Aunt Bessie as a baby. She took the blanket everywhere. One day, her parents decided she was too old to carry a blanket everywhere. Aunt Bessy’s new present and Geraldine’s creativity saved the day. She created a dress for her new doll from her blanket. Then, took them both out to play.

Tatyana Feeney’s book Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket discusses the challenge of all parents whose child has a lovey. Washing it. It took some time but ML finally is ok with Duckie getting a bath.

So far, I haven’t seen a replacement for Duckie. From time to time she will add another animal to her bedtime routine. But the animal changes from week to week. Right now it is a cat she cleverly named Frances. Her dad brought it back from France.

Did you have a favorite lovey?

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