Science Friday – That’s Not a Monarch Butterfly


Thomas Barnes of T.M. Barnes Home Innovations worked wonders in our tiny little house. ML thinks he can fix anything. And he can.

But he’s not an expert in butterflies and ML let him know it. As he left the other day, he admired our flowers. Then said, “Look at the monarch butterfly.” Mary Louise corrected him, “That isn’t a monarch it’s a yellow dragon swallowtail.

There are two butterfly books we really enjoy. In the Watch Me Grow Series book Butterfly by Lisa Magloff, we learned caterpillars don’t sleep. They just “eat and eat and eat.”

In the World Book Animals of the World series book Monarchs and Other Butterflies by Rob Knight, each page spread is set up the same way. On the left is a question, with a descriptive three to four paragraph answer. On the right, are large, clear photographs. Our favorite question was, “Do Some Butterflies Have Snouts?”

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