I Hid the Barbies . . .


. . . months ago and ML hadn’t missed them. But suddenly she’s become obsessed with getting my shoes out of the closet and wearing them. It must be a rite of passage; I remember wearing my mom’s espadrilles and high heels.

Guess where the Barbies where hidden? Yep, in a bag in the bottom of my closet.

It was a bag of naked Barbies and Kens. I gave the clothes away months ago. I didn’t give the dolls away at the same time because ML would have noticed. At that point, she was using them for bath time entertainment. One weekend when she was away, I put her My Little Ponies in the bathtub and hid the Barbies. ML’s friend was over the day the dolls were discovered, so there were two giggling girls and a five naked dolls. What’s a mom to do?

I thought quick. I looked at the art corner in the dining room. I saw the purple canvas bag filled with felt and fabric scraps. Voila! I asked “Why don’t you make clothes for the dolls?” With the addition of scissors, a little bit of tape, ribbon and yarn, they created some very haute couture.

I wasn’t sure where to go with this post; books about fashion or books about body image. Here’s information on both.

To keep with the shoe theme. We enjoyed Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes by Sujean Rim. There’s a difference between Birdie’s mom’s shoes and mine. . . the quantity of shoes, the height of the heels and the array of colors. In the end, Birdie realizes “barefeet shoes” are best. ML seems to agree.

On the body image front, there are books for both girls of all ages and parents. For a list of books check out A Mighty Girl. It’s the world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.

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