Finally! A Picture Book About a Unicorn


Bob Shea is officially my hero. Finally a non-Dora, non-Pinkalicious book about a unicorn. You must read Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea. It’s filled a huge void in the world of picture books.

There are so many books that feature cats, dogs, bears, pigs, elephants, monkeys, horses. baby chicks, cows, sloths, skunks. . . You get the picture. But there are very few with unicorns as the main character. Bob Shea’s book is the only one I have read that I like.

Publishers please step up to the plate. And while you’re at it. How about some Pegasus books? As ML informed me, they are similar to unicorns. Only difference is Pegasus have wings, instead of a horn.

1 thought on “Finally! A Picture Book About a Unicorn

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