Science Friday – The Common Core


ML loves science. Starting this week, I am going to highlight some of her favorite science books on Fridays. I am borrowing the title “Science Friday” from a program I listen to on NPR each week. I’m hoping they won’t mind. Our goal seems to be the same, providing information about science. Their program is for an older set, my Science Friday blog postings are for parents and teachers of elementary school children.

With the adoption of the Common Core Curriculum standards by many states, the publishing of non-fiction books has increased. The expectation that students will read and analyze non-fiction texts is more prevalent than in previous standards.

Since ML was three she has enjoyed “reading” Colors: The Rainbow of the Natural World. This book includes photographs of animals, flowers, and habitats. At six ML is truly reading the words: yellow canary, red gerbera daisy, green artichoke, brown soil, tan sand, blue macaw, orange apricot, purple periwinkle, transparent drop of water, translucent jellyfish, iridescent shell, pink raspberries, gray heron, black ants, white swan, black and white dalmatian, two-tone onion, and multicolor butterflies.

What’s the first science book you remember reading?

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