ML never drew on the walls. From the time she was allowed to use crayons and markers unsupervised, I explained drawing on walls wasn’t appropriate. So she drew on her desk chair and dollhouse. After discovering this I explained, “We only draw on paper.”

Doodleday by Ross Collins is about a mother warning her son not to draw on Doodleday. She then leaves for the store. What do you think the kid does? He draws. The result major. . . havoc in his house and neighborhood. Luckily, his mom is able to save the day.

Did you ever draw on something other than paper?


  1. I’m going to have to get this book! Kora has not only drawn on the walls in my house but also 2 houses that my brother has lived in as well. She favors writing her name over all else so there is no doubt who the culprit is!

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