Birthday Presents


When ML is invited to a birthday party, I take her to Quail Ridge Books. It’s fun to see what she picks. She takes this job seriously. Recently, she was invited to the birthday party of a set of twins. She methodically shopped for one of the boys; then the other. . . thinking very carefully about each one’s interests.

As a parent, I love the free gift wrapping at the local bookstore. When buying multiple presents, they put little sticky notes with the recipient name on the wrapped book. It’s a great service until the notes are accidently removed. Luckily, ML remembered. She made certain her handmade cards were on the appropriate “butys” book.

Has one of your “butys” ever given you the perfect book?

2 thoughts on “Birthday Presents

    • I love that book! I was so happy when ML discovered it in her bookcase. We read it over and over for several weeks. It will definitely be featured in the blog soon.

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