I Spent My 6th Year in a Sycamore Tree

The backyard of my childhood had an enormous sycamore tree. The lowest branch was too high for me to reach. Everyday after kindergarten, I carried a chair outside and put it under the tree. I used it to boost me into the tree. Then, I kicked it away.

Some of you climbed my sycamore tree. At least one of you, heard your father yell, “Get down from that tree now.” You were almost at the tippy top.

ML loves trees. We moved a few years ago. The hardest part for ML. . . leaving her friends and the fig tree.

A new book arrived at the library recently, Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid. We read it last weekend. My tree hugger/climber/lover gives it two thumbs up.

The illustrations are created from plasticine, an oil based, squishable, never dries out modeling clay. I am buying some this week. Can’t wait to see what ML creates. I’m hoping a tree.

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